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Determine Rock and Fluid Types from Seismic Amplitudes

What do the seismic amplitudes tell me about the rocks and fluid types? SIP provides the answer.

SIP Seismic Inversion gives you a high resolution layered geological image of the earth in 2D, 3D or 4D. We achieve this by combining seismic data, well log data, horizon surfaces and velocities from Time or Depth Imaging. The geological image is calibrated to the wells so the data can be used to calculate prospect volumetrics, Net Pay and porosity.

Seismic Inversion can be run from pre-stack or post-stack seismic data. The resulting data can be used to create Rock Physics volumes from the seismic data that discriminate rock and fluid effects helping you to de-risk your prospect portfolio.

Seismic Inversion after Pre-stack Depth Migration (PSDM)

SIP specialises in providing inversion results in depth using seismic from pre-stack depth migration as input. In the example below, P-impedance derived from pre-stack time migration has difficulty in isolating the high impedance sands identified at the well. 

Fig 1: P-impedance after Pre-stack Time Migration

In contrast, P-impedance derived from PSDM data better delineates the high impedance sands and provides an excellent tie to impedances in the well. Similarly, we see a better tie between PSDM-derived rock property volumes, such as Poisson’s ratio, and the same rock property in the well.

Fig 2: P-impedance after Pre-stack Depth Migration discriminates the sand bodies much better than PSTM and the tie to impedances in the well is greatly improved.

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