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Expert Processing and Image Improvement for Hydrocarbon and Mining Industries

More than 20 years experience in high resolution onshore 2D and 3D seismic processing

SIP’s Land Processing group has more than 20 years experience in high resolution onshore 2D and 3D seismic processing with application to both hydrocarbon and mining industries. Our geophysicists have been involved in several research projects for the EU including a multi-partner More than 20 years experience in high resolution onshore 2D and 3D seismic processinginvestigation into the extraction of sedimentological information from seismic data for de-risking coal-mining.

Shale gas exploration, metal extraction, salt and coal mining and carbon capture projects, as well as conventional oil and gas exploration, have all been handled by our experienced team within the last couple of years. We have built up particular skill in processing data from over-thrust zones where difficult terrain leads to problems with statics, noise and imaging.

The example below illustrates how careful attention to noise attenuation, ensuring that steep dips were not removed, was the key factor in improving the imaging in this complex zone.

Fig 1: Original processing (2009)

Fig 2: SIP processing (2011) significantly enhancing steeply dipping structure

Re-processing of vintage data requires experience and the application of modern processing techniques to improve image quality. The example below shows data acquired in 1980 and re-processed in 1992 which shows potentially prospective structural highs. Re-processing by SIP including refraction statics significantly improves image quality, reflector continuity, and provides the correct structure.


Fig 3: Original stack acquired in 1980 and re-processed in 1992


Fig 4: SIP stack re-processed in 2010 (including refraction statics) significantly improves image quality and structure

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