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Advanced Modelling and Depth Imaging

SIP provides a range of pre-stack depth migrations tailored to your projects needs and budget. We strongly recommend you take advantage of SIP’s pre-processing and velocity modelling service prior to depth migration.

Reverse Time Migration (RTM)

SIP’s reverse time migration overcomes the limitations of conventional wave equation migrations, such as difficulty in imaging multiple arrivals and other complex wave fields. Customers employing our RTM benefit from improved imaging of steep dips, for example salt flanks. Like other depth migrations, RTM is sensitive to the velocity field, so an accurate velocity model is critical. Reduce your risk by combining RTM with simultaneous velocity and anisotropic parameter estimation from SIP.

Fig 1: Conventional Kirchhoff (low frequency) pre-stack depth migration showing ambiguous imaging of sub-salt target. 

Fig 2: SIP reverse time migration (low frequency) showing improved imaging of salt flanks and revealing sub-salt target.
Depth Imaging for AVO and Inversion

More than 20 years experience in high resolution onshore 2D and 3D seismic processing

This example shows the advantages of pre-stack depth migration after velocity estimation using SIP’s simultaneous velocity and anisotropic parameter estimation. The accurate interval velocity field improves the AVO and seismic inversion response.

Conventional velocity estimation and pre-stack time migration are unable to effectively image high angle injectites at 1800ms on the AVO intercept stack (circled).

In contrast, pre-stack depth migration of the seismic using interval velocities derived from AutoimagerTM provides a superior AVO intercept stack. The injectites are fully resolved using PSDM. Taking this further and using PSDM results in seismic inversion also produces more geologically consistent P-impedance results.

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