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Extracting the optimal Image in Time and Depth

AutoImager produces accurate velocity models, which are consistent with the geology, in less time than industry methods.

The industry standard velocity model builder, tomography, is a lengthy process which leads to erroneous models which do not resemble the geology. As a result there is an increased risk of creating false structures which lead to dry wells, incorrect amplitudes and false AVO anomalies.

AutoImager uses a dense data driven technique to extract the optimal image.

Picking is automated and controlled by a complex set of objective functions to give complete focus and robust velocities. Eta determination is robust and geological and Interval velocity determination is consistent.

AutoImager creates velocity models which relate accurately to the geology.

In a new basin with little or no well control the AutoImager velocity model is a very robust method to extract elastic properties with greater accuracy.

AutoImager eliminates the need for tomography and yields accurate results, delivering velocity models in a significantly faster time frame and leading to greater success in drilling and producing accurate amplitudes.

Tomography Contractor-A

Tomography Contractor-B

AutoImager Depth Model (AI-d)

Tomography from Contractor-A shows a velocity leak that is non-geological. Similarly Contractor-B has the anomaly in a different place.

The AI-d approach is completely geological and ties the wells. The starting model is derived with AutoImager in time and updated using AutoImager in depth with a layer focussing updating procedure.

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