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To obtain cleaner seismic images free of sea bed multiples whilst retaining amplitudes suitable for reservoir characterisation.

Industry-standard sea bed multiple removal techniques are either ineffective or degrade the range of amplitudes making the data useless for AVO studies. These tend to take a long time to run and can’t be used in shallow water.

SIP’s unique extended-SRME technology is a huge step-up from the standard SRME techniques.

e-SRME provides iterative multiple subtraction for 2D and 3D data. Using multi-channel non-stationary adaptive subtraction, eSRME works to preserve a wider range of amplitudes and produces output seismic data which is much more suited to AVO and Imaging.

e-SRME is applicable in shallow water between 40-50 metres.

e-SRME is faster than conventional SRME methods and reduces turnaround time.

Data suffering from shallow water multiples can now be reprocessed to provide cleaner seismic, hence improving interpretations and reducing uncertainty.

e-SRME retains a wider spectrum of amplitudes which opens up your data to AVO analysis, improving your knowledge of reservoir properties and maximising your return on investment.

Without eSRME
With eSRME

Many orders of multiple have been attenuated. The chalk sea bed generates severe multiples through the section, 95% of which have been attenuated by eSRME.

Without eSRME
With eSRME

Data shown courtesy of Star Energy Limited and PSE Kinsale Energy Limited.

Seismic Image Processing Ltd (SIP) is a premier supplier of Geophysical and Quantitative Interpretation services. We offer unique proprietary technologies in processing and imaging through collaboration with our research partners.  We focus on techniques to provide optimum imaging which benefit AVO analysis and inversion. Our customers range from medium-sized explorers to oil majors and our experience includes mature and new frontier environments.

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