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Asking the Right Questions

SIP’s staff are highly trained and motivated experts in geophysics and associated disciplines. They understand the exploration decision making process, appreciate operators' needs and approach all interpretive tasks with a skilled, critical and, most important, an experienced eye.

With instant access to all the relevant geophysical disciplines, we respond quickly and deliver a high quality geophysical service aimed specifically at meeting our clients' exploration and production goals.

The Team

Jagat Deo - Managing Director/Senior Geophysicist
Jagat is the Managing Director and founder of Seismic Image Processing Ltd. He is a geophysicist with 33 years’ experience specialising in PreStack Depth Migration, Elastic Inversion, AVO & Attribute interpretation. He spent a total of 18 years at Britoil & Amoco in various roles in the technology group and, due to his broad geophysical knowledge and innovative use of software, SIP has become a contractor of choice for many of our clients.

Simon Clifford - Geophysical Processing Manager
Simon has 29 years of seismic data processing experience, both onshore and offshore, 2D and 3D. After initial spells with Veritas, Scott Pickford and CGG processing large volume 3D surveys, including some high resolution seismic acquisition experience, Simon moved to Landmark where he spent 9 years working as a Geophysical Consultant supporting ProMAX and depth imaging tools. He also conducted ProMAX training courses and installations around the world. He then spent 2 years as the Sales Manager for Spectrum Energy & Information Technology Ltd, covering seismic data processing sales for Europe. Simon has presented technical papers at both the EAGE and other regional technical forums.

Beatrice McGlen – Staff Geophysicist
Beatrice has 35 years processing experience, concentrating largely on high resolution onshore 2D and 3D processing. She worked for Digicon and IMC Geophysics before joining SIP in 2000. With a background in geology, geochemistry and organic petrology, as well as geophysics, she has been involved in several EU research projects including one looking at improved resolution of channel sands in coal-bearing reservoir sequences and another investigating the use of AVO effects to diagnose sub-resolution faulting. The most recent project, involving partners from five EU countries, examined exploration methods and application to carbon sequestration and storage, underground coal gasification and enhanced mine methane recovery.

Simon Jackson - Senior Geophysicist
Simon has 28 years of seismic industry experience, working with both onshore and offshore, 2D, 3D and 4D and VSP data as well as well log and production data. After an initial spell at Spectrum, he gained a Masters degree in Petroleum Geology from Imperial College, London. Further work experience was gained during his 5 years with Western Geophysical, processing 2D and 3D Land seismic data, which included a one year secondment to a land acquisition crew as an in-field processor. This was followed by a short period with Scott Pickford before moving to Landmark where he spent 9 years working first, as a Geophysical Consultant supporting ProMAX, SeisWorks and depth imaging tools and secondly as the operations and project manager of the specialist Advanced Data Services team in the Information Management Practice. Simon has a wide range of skills and experience and has provided onsite consultancy to clients, all over Europe and beyond.

Adam Pegley - Senior Geophysicist
Adam has 28 years industry experience specialising in pre-stack depth migration, depth conversion, and integrated studies. He served 16 years with Paradigm Geophysical Ltd where his role spanned technical services, on-site consulting, and regional technical liaison between Sales and R&D. As Senior Scientist he acted as regional technical mentor to staff and Business Development Manager for oil majors. Adam also served as consultant specialist in depth conversion to Total S.A. Adam has regularly presented case studies and new technology at EAGE and SEG.

Dr. Can Yang - Geophysicist
Yang specialises in rock physics, AVO, inversion and 4D (time-lapse) seismic studies. He obtained his first degree in Geophysics from Yangtze University (China), followed by a MSc in Geology from China University of Geosciences (Beijing) and a PhD in Geophysics from Uppsala University (Sweden). Yang has experience in 2D/3D/4D seismic attribute processing and interpretation including AVO studies. Yang has presented technical papers and case studies at international conferences focused on 4D seismic and AVO analysis.

Jacek Drzycimski - Geophysicist
Jacek is a seismic processing geophysicist with 10 years’ experience of 2D and 3D processing of both onshore and offshore data from Europe, West Africa, Middle East and South Asia. Jacek has experience in project management and is skilled in developing and creating new workflows in order to problem solve. He gained his MSc. in Physics from UMK Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun and postgraduate diploma in Exploration and Oil Geophysics from AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

Elia Gubbala – Senior Geophysicist
Elia has 15 years’ experience in the Oil and Gas Industry based on a strong geophysical background and a Master’s Degree in Geophysics with extensive experience in 3D, 4D, OBC and multi-component processing/Imaging and modelling. Elia worked in Oil and Gas for both operator and service providers. His past roles include Team Leader and Supervisor, and he now involved in Seismic Imaging 3D/4D; AVO; Inversion and Rock physicsis .Benchmark and evaluate new technologies through R&D to lead company to the next generation of imaging software.

Rob Russell – Geophysicist
Rob has 17 years’ of seismic data processing experience including depth imaging. He has a Masters in Petroleum Geophysics from Imperial College, London. He gained 10 years’ experience processing seismic data at WesternGeco and completed their Depth Imaging Centre of Excellence course. Subsequently, he worked for Landmark Software Support, where he supported ProMAX/SeisSpace and other proprietorial software, becoming Global Domain Lead for Seismic Processing Customer Support. Rob has a keen interest in the development of any new processing theories and technologies.

Joanna Wallis - Geophysicist
Joanna has 7 years’ experience in analysis and interpretation of geophysical data. After an initial period working offshore on site surveys with GEMS Survey Ltd, she took an MSc in Petroleum Geophysical at Imperial College London, and subsequently spent 5 years at BG Group, where she developed expertise in rock physics and AVO amplitude analysis, in addition to interpretation of seismic data (including PreSTM, PreSDM and EER projection products) from prospect to regional scale.

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Seismic Image Processing are exhibiting at the UK's leading networking event for exploration and development.
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